Thursday, 15 December 2011

Safety while using the internet for people of all ages

Safety on the net

The internet is defined as a “worldwide system of computer networks” (TechTarget, 2011). These networks connect people from all over the world which lets people communicate, research, provides entertainment, used for education purposes and heaps more. However, even though the internet is a highly developed, effective tool which has expanded to unmeasurable lengths, there are a few disadvantages to this highly effective tool which can harm the wellbeing of people, especially children. Protecting people from the negative side of the internet is a thing called internet safety. The term internet safety refers to “practices and precautions you should observe when using the Internet, so as to ensure that your personal information and your computer remain safe” (Alice Hudson, 2011).

The following is a list of precautions you can take to help yourself keep safe while using the internet:

             Select a gender-neutral username, email address

             Keep your primary email address private

             Get a free email account

             Don't give out information simply because it is requested

             Block or ignore unwanted users

             Never give your password to anyone

             Don't provide your credit card number or other identifying information

             Watch what you "say" online

(WHOA, 2011)

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