Thursday, 15 December 2011

My Interactions of Wikis, Blogs and Websites

My Interaction

Before this course, my experience of blogs, wikis and websites were very limited as I had only experienced developing a web quest through google sites. This however, was because it was an assessment piece for another subject, meaning I haven’t used these tools for my own personal use. As I don’t have a lot of experience with internet tools, I had a bit of trouble finding my way around the blogs and wikis, which I found my way around once I started experimenting with them. I believe websites are an effective tool for students in school to use and to also make. This gives the students an opportunity to collaboratively express themselves in developing something which then they can later view online. This gives students a sense of achievement.

I have enjoyed learning about different internet tools and exploring them to see how they work and what they are used best for. I have also added some brief examples of the tools which I have discussed to my blog to show my understanding of these tools and my experience with them.

The link for my webquest from previous assessment  is

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