Friday, 16 December 2011

PMI Chart on Ditigal Images

Tool 1: Digital Images
  • Images can be uploaded from the internet, drawn and scanned or from another digital source such as; camera, phone, usb, or sd card.
  • Makes the document/site more realistic, interesting and more personal.
  • Gives viewers a more descriptive overview.

  • Often others can see these images, depending on what type of document they are added/attached to (facebook, websites etc).
  • Inappropiate images through sites such as google, can be easily accessed by children.

  • Images can portray a different perspective of a person, text, document etc.
  • They can be visualised, read, interpreted, drawn, captured, modified and the list goes on. They make the developer become creative.
This is an example of a digital image, uploaded from the internet.

(Origins, 2002)

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